Roland Golf Course started out in 1958 as the Elm Park Golf Course. Myles Lytle, A Roland area farmer, envisioned a golf course along the creek that ran through his property. Bringing this dream to fruition took a lot of volunteer manual labour to remove about 700 trees and create this beautiful 9-hole golf course. Sand greens and steel mats made putting very interesting.

Roland Golf Club was incorporated in 1977. A committee of seven members took the initiative to approach Mr. Lytle to offer to purchase the course as he was retiring. They found that he had sold the property to Murray Coates. Mr. Coates was approached by the committee and he agreed to sell it to them for $35,000.00. A donation booth was set up at the Royal bank in Roland and $31,000.00 was quickly raised to make the purchase. A company charter was drawn up, directors signed the document and Elm Park Golf Course became Roland Golf Club.

During the first few years, using membership fees of $30.00/year and $70.00 for families, many upgrades where made. Bill and Bruce North provided some golf instruction in 1979. 1980 saw the grand opening of the newly built clubhouse. And in 1983, the sand greens (and steel mats) where rebuilt into grass greens.

Our Greens Keeper and his crew keep this 3067 yard 9-hole course in immaculate condition. Every year we see more and more of the hard work that the grounds crew put into the course.

Visitors tell us what members have known for years – Roland Golf Club is the best kept secret in the middle of everywhere. Lush fairways, perfect greens and challenges for every level of golfer make this course a pleasure to play on.